This website serves as a collection of the journalism that I have done, and also as a place to network with me.

Currently working as a Production Journalist at London Live, having graduated from the BJTC-accredited MA Broadcast Journalism course at the University of Sheffield with Distinction in 2020.

I started writing a monthly sports column way back in 2010, when I was just 11 years old and still do to this day. It’s for a free advertiser based in South West England, with a reach of 50,000. I love writing about sport, particularly football, and use this column as a space to share my opinions.
I studied Economics for my undergraduate degree. I am very comfortable with data analysis – my undergraduate dissertation was a statistical analysis of the determinants of student rents in Nottingham – and am at ease utilising this prowess to enhance my journalism.
I am qualified in NCTJ Media Law, and achieved 100wpm shorthand with 100% accuracy alongside working towards a BJTC qualification.

After graduating I spent a few months as a freelancer, as a production assistant for some Whistledown Studios projects and also as a video journalist with Mail Online. I worked full-time with the latter for just over a year, helping me hone my digital multimedia abilities and adapt to the rigours of a fast-paced newsroom.

My latest venture at London Live has seen me take on a huge range of roles and responsibilities in a fast-paced TV newsroom. Some days I solo produce the entire News at 6 programme, some days I’m out in the field reporting on the capital’s most important stories, some days I’m in front of the camera presenting for our social media channels, and some days I’m interviewing celebrities – or Londoners – across a huge range of topics. Every day I’m honing my editorial skills, both technically and in terms of news values.